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Why revision ?

A broken or worn motor does not mean automatically that the motor has become useless. In our hands, your motor becomes literally and figuratively just like new. A reconditioned motor or exchange motor is, for that matter, frequently cheaper than a new motor.

Skilled revision of motors also contributes to the preservation of the environment. New parts are made from existing parts with a minimum of energy and raw material consumption. Recycling is a matter of course at Keizer Motorenrevisie. Motors or parts that are otherwise discarded get a new lease on life through revision.

Worn motors cause extra emissions of harmful substances. Revision reduces the emission of these motors and in many cases, through improved machines and treatments, the emission is even less than when the motor was new. In many respects, therefore, we are moving with the times, not only in the interest of your purse, but also in the interest of the environment.

Keizer Motorenrevisie is a revision company that is a member of BOVAG.

Let us recondition your motor and you will receive the BOVAG warranty certificate providing you with certainty and assurance of quality. The guarantee on an exchange motor or completely reconditioned motor is valid for a period of 12 months.

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